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Project Access Updates

Project Access Patient Committee Meetings: The Patient Committee meets on the forth Wednesday of the month at the Buncombe County Medical Society, 304 Summit Street, Asheville, NC 28803. Please join us!

Patients say, "Thank You!"

Visit the Patient Thank You Page to learn more about how Project Access physicians have made a difference in the individual lives of patients in need.

Who Qualifies?

In order to qualify for Project Access, patients must be:

  • in need of medical services
  • within income quidelines (at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty Level)
  • a resident of Buncombe County
  • inelgible for Medicaid, Medicare, Worker's Compensation, or vocation rehabilitation

Project Access is There

Steve left his position in a local factory to pursue an independent business. Because his health deteriorated, he needed hip replacement surgery to rejoin the workforce. Project Access was there.

During a 6-month period between jobs, Mary needed help managing her treatment for Crohn's disease. Project Access was there.

Jim's disease, Conjestive Heart Failure, took an unexpected turn and he needed open heart surgery. Project Access was there.

Fran spent months managing her recurring asthma with trips to the Emergency Room and Urgent Care centers. She needed specialty care to design a treatment plan and stabilize her health. She in now employed at a local non-profit where she is giving back to the community because Project Access was there.

Project Access Patient Committee

The PA Patient Committee at Heartstrings 2006.

Join the Project Access Patient Committee! This committee is a group of current and former patients, supportive community members and Project Access staff whose mission is to find ways of giving back to our generous physicians. Call Project Access, 274-6989, for information on joining.

Living Healthy Class May 4 June 8

Living Healthy is a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program designed for individuals living with a chronic disease or their family members. This 6-week program has been shown to help with:

  • Managing pain, fatigue, depression and frustration
  • Increasing fitness and self-confidence
  • Using medications wisely
  • Improving communication
  • Choosing foods for health
  • Solving problems effectively

Please fill out the form below to enroll in the class.

Last Name:
Your Phone:
I am available to attend all 6 of the 2.5 hour classes on Wednesday afternoons 1pm-3:30pm from May 4 June 8, 2011.
By checking this box I commit to paying the $30 materials fee. A limited number of financial scholarships are available.
Check this box if you are unable to participate in the next class, but would be interested in another class at a different time.  

*Read more about the original research or the numerous follow-up studies conducted. CDSMP does not conflict with existing programs or treatment. It is designed to enhance regular treatment and disease-specific education.

Also check out the recent NY Times article that mentions CDSMP!

Living Healthy is open to the public. The upcoming session is sponsored by the Buncombe County Medical Society and the Land-of-Sky Regional Council.

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